Nvidia DLI (Deep Learning Inst) Certified Instructor

Coep-Emmersive Workshop, Image Processing

‚ÄčData Preparation and Dimension Reduction

Buildcon 2018 talk, Machine Learning Q & A

Programming with Python

Basic constructs, Functions, Object-Oriented, Libraries.

Data Analytics with Pandas

Statistics, Pandas, Data Prep, Exploratory Data Analysis, Visualization.

Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn

Algorithms of Regressions, Classification, Clustering and Scikit Learn

Natural Language Processing with Nltk, Gensim

Linguistics, Processing, Tagging, Embedding, classification.

Online Course

Experfy: Unsupervised Learning: Dimensionality Reduction and Representation (website)

Experfy: Hands-on Projects, Including Data Preparation, Modeling & Visualization Tasks (website)

Experfy: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (website)

INE Inc: Introduction to Machine Learning (website)